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How to get the most out of your reading

  • Write down your questions ahead of time
  • Know the people’s first names and signs that will be Discussed in the reading
  • Prioritize your questions, if the reader is picking up on something but you have something pressing ask about that.
  • In a reading everything isn’t always a yes or no answer, sometimes the reader has to give guidance for the best results for all involved so then it is best to listen and be open.
  • If a reader takes too much time shuffling cards, or with whichever tools they’re using let them know you have a budget.
  • Free minutes may be split so if you don’t have a connection with your reader let them know hang up and use the remainder of your minutes with another reader.
    Our readers are also informed that if there is no connection to let the client know as we only want satisfied Clients.

In order to prove to you that we are as we say. We offer all new members a Free 5 minute online spiritual advisor Reading.
This will allow you to try out our service Risk Free!
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Our Ethics

When it comes to spiritual advisor readings online, we are proud to offer you the "highest ethical standards" in the industry! Not only are our advisors "thoroughly screened" but all of our spiritual advisors must agree to comply with our ethical guidelines in order to participate as part of the Ask for Advisors team.
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We do this in order to provide you with the best possible experience.
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Free spiritual advisor Readings

We offer new members a Free 5 minute online spiritual advisor Reading. This allows you to try out our spiritual advisor Services without risk!
Our 50+ spiritual advisors have over 1,000 Years Experience

Our spiritual advisors have over a 1,000 Years combined experience! Plus all of our spiritual advisors are carefully screened, trained to support their unique spiritual advisor Abilities and supported so they are best able to focus on your spiritual journey. See More

We also pay our spiritual advisors at a much higher rate than other spiritual advisor Services. All of these factors help to ensure that you will always receive the "highest quality" spiritual advisor Advice!

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Free Recording of Your spiritual advisor Reading

We provide you with a Free Recording of your spiritual advisor Reading. This way you will always have a copy of your online spiritual advisor Readings to refer back to.
Widest Variety of spiritual advisor Talents in the Industry

From clairvoyants to mediums, tarot cards to crystals our people are experienced in the specialties you are looking for. We offer Extensive Searchable Listings for all of our spiritual advisors outlining their talents that are Free to Browse.
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This makes it easy for you to find the spiritual advisor who best fits your needs. To read more please click here.

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Privacy Guaranteed

We do not share your information ever!! Your privacy is always guaranteed! Ask for Advisors users maintain anonymity within a safe and secure platform. Our online spiritual advisor Readings take place in a private & strictly confidential environment.
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All payments via the Ask for Advisors platform are transmitted over a secure connection. Ask for Advisors uses the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol for credit card transmittal.

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Our Hours – 24/7

We are here to serve you 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.
World Class Customer Service

Our goal is to offer our clients the best customer service in the industry! We constantly strive to add that personal touch. We have customer service specialists on call 24 hours per day, 7 days a week to assist you. See More

We have also custom designed our systems based on our years of spiritual advisor experience to help make it simple and easy for you! Your satisfaction is our first priority. We care about you and are here to serve you whenever you may need us.

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Simple Pricing

We offer new members a Free 5 minute spiritual advisor Reading. After your Free Initial trial, we charge $3.99 per minute for spiritual advisor readings online. You can choose any of our spiritual advisor Talents at this price. Unlike other spiritual advisor Services who offer different rates for different spiritual advisor Readers we offer the same rate for all of our spiritual advisors.
Charitable Contributions

At Ask for Advisors we believe in giving back to the community. As part of this commitment we donate a portion of our profits to charitable organizations.
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