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Frequently ask questions

1) How do I get my free minutes?

Your 5 free minutes are applied to your account as soon as you activate your account.

2) How much time do I have to use my free minutes?

You will have 7 days from the time they are issued to use your free minutes.

3) What do I get with a membership?

Your membership with Ace of Cups Group comes with your first 5 minutes free, and all of our Continuous Free Minutes Promotions. You get your choice of talented advisors who come from many different philosophies and Free recordings of your readings to listen to whenever you want to. We will keep you updated with an email about new additions to our services, and send you more free minutes monthly.

4) How long is my membership good for?

Your membership is good for the life of your account.

5) Why do I need to put my debit card on my account?

To receive all the benefits of your membership you need to validate your account by adding onetime $10.00 membership fee. From that point, the debit card you put on file will enable you to add money to your account while on the phone with an advisor, saving time and creating a smooth flow for your readings and recordings.

6) How do I change the password on my account?

On the upper right corner of your dashboard you will see your username and an arrow. Click the arrow and the drop down will give you the option to’ Edit password’. Click on that to put in a new password. Click update at the bottom when you make any changes to your page.

7) How do I change my username?

Go the Account button on your dashboard. Click on ‘Account Info’ on the drop down menu. Scroll down the page and fill in your new information. Click update at the bottom when you make any changes to your page.

8) How do I change my phone number and address?

Go the Account button on your dashboard. Click on ‘Account Info’ on the drop down menu. Scroll down the page and fill in your new information. Click update at the bottom when you make any changes to your page.

9) If I forget my log in password how do I retrieve it?

Click on ‘forgot password’ under the login box and type in the email you use with your account. You will receive an email to reset your password. Click update at the bottom when you make any changes to your page.

10) I activated my account and made my deposit but I don’t see the advisors on my page. What do I do now?

11) Where are the codes and numbers the phone prompt is asking me for?

Your ‘Phone Login Code’ and your ‘Phone Password’ are located at the top of your Dashboard just to the right of ACE OF CUPS GROUP, and again on your ‘Account/ Account Info’ page just beneath your Account Balance.

12) How do I add more money to use in my account?

On your dashboard click on ‘Account’. You will see on the drop down menu ‘add card/funds’ click on that and add the funds you want to from your card on file. You can also add funds while on the phone with your Advisor by following the phone prompt that will come on when your funds are low. The phone prompt will offer you options, choose the one to add funds , follow the instructions, and punch in the amount you want to add from your card on file.

13) How do I change my debit card on file in my account?

On your Dashboard click ‘Account’ and choose ‘Add Card/Funds’. On the page that comes up underneath ‘Add Funds’ you will see ‘Replace Existing Card’ click and follow the instructions to put in your new card information, click ‘Add Card’ at the bottom.

14) Do I have to stay on the line with the first advisor I call?

You can talk to any advisor of your choice for any amount of time you wish. I f you don’t feel a connection with one, just say ‘Thanks’, hang up and call a different advisor.

15) Where do I find my recordings on my dashboard?

Under ‘Call Records’ on your dashboard, click on’ View Calls’. Scroll down to ‘INCOMING CALLS’ and you will see your recordings listed on the right end of the call information bar. This will keep all of your recordings to listen whenever you are logged in. Click on the recording you want to hear.

16) Are the recordings really free? Can I listen to them anytime I want?

Yes. Your recordings are yours to keep and listen to any time you are logged in, completely free!

17) If I don’t like your service, can I get the money I put into my account back?

If you are dissatisfied with our service you can email your request to close your account to .All of the phone conversations are recorded to maintain quality control, so if you have a complaint we are able to monitor and check back on those calls. After reviewing the situation, we will at your request close your account and refund any money left in that account back to the bankcard you have on file for that account, and send you an email verifying that it has been completed.

18) FAQ does not have an answer for my question. What now?

Call the number listed on the website and when prompted punch in the option for customer service to assist you. You can also send an email to

I Am a new Advisor:

1) I am interested in becoming an Advisor for Ace of Cups Group. Where do I start?

You will need to send a bio with your phone number and email and attach a HIGH RESOLUTION photo you want to use to show on the site to: Your bio should be a profile of who you are, where you come from, what tools you use to read with, how you can help clients and what your specialties are. Read through the bios on ‘Our spiritual advisors’ page to get an Idea of what we are looking for. We will review that information and get back with you within a week.

2) I want to change my photo on the site. How can I do that?

If you want to update your photo, write me an email and include your name and advisor extension Number. Photos must be HIGH RESOLUTION and in j.peg format sent as attachments. Send the email to

3) I want to update my bio or profile for How can I do that?

Send your updated information in word document format along in an email to and include your name and extension number.

4 ) I am logged on but I don’t see any button to go online to receive calls.

When you log on to you are automatically available for readings on the website
After logging in to, go to "Our spiritual advisors "page, refresh the page, then scroll down till you see your profile and you will see next to 'online now' it says YES
When you log out of, on "Our spiritual advisors" page it will say next to 'online now' NO
Always refresh the page (on the address bar)and clear it (Ctrl /F5 ) to see the updated information

5) How will I receive my pay for the readings I do with

When you sign in on your advisor’s page and put a debit card on file, we use that bankcard to direct deposit your earnings on a weekly basis.

6) Will clients be able to see my phone number ?

No. You and the client are both unable to see any number except our Toll Free Number.

7) What is the best time of day to get readings?

Because we are nationwide we encompass 4 different time zones. When it is 9pm in Florida it will be 0nly 6pm in California, any time might be good to sign in. We are also available in Canada. We recommend logging in for at least 2 hours at a time to get optimal exposure. If you keep on a schedule, clients will expect to see you and look for you.

8) What tools do we have to promote ourselves and keep clients returning?

In order to prove to you that we are as we say. We offer all new members a Free 5 minute spiritual advisor Reading. This will allow you to try out our service Risk Free!
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