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The tarot card Ask for Advisors means joyful new beginnings, spiritual awakenings and the rebirth of hope and love.  It is the power of divine love and passion expanding the spirit and illuminating the mind.

Ask Advisors is your Holy Grail of spiritual advisor advice, compassion, understanding, and expertise in spiritual advisor talent. Our spiritual advisors have a wealth of life experience to assist you on your spiritual path.

What differentiates Ask for Advisors from any other company is our fundamental premise that all the plenty and good in life is for all to share.  We believe in sharing, that we are all in this journey together and in the belief that we are all alike.  We do not limit but enable our spiritual advisors with tools to create and promote their own business which results in an added personal touch for our clients. For instance, if a client runs out of funds in their account each spiritual advisor has the freedom to spend free minutes to finish up the reading with the client. We do this because we care about providing the highest quality customer service and spiritual advisor advice as well as always being there for our clients.

We service our clients’ needs by providing them a vast wealth of diverse belief systems.  We do not discriminate! Our spiritual advisors range from angel readers, pagans, Wiccans, kabbalah, life coaching to mediums. We encourage our clients to try our different spiritual advisors. This is why we are offering Free 3 minute spiritual advisor readings for the first 3 months, and beyond.  

Ask for Advisors have thoroughly screened our 50 plus spiritual advisors with over 1,000 years of combined experience.  We hand pick our spiritual advisors based on their spiritual advisor talents plus the integrity they have shown on life’s journey! By not having an overabundance of spiritual advisors Ask for Advisors is able to maintain a higher level of quality control than our competitors. We will not support any type of mentality which is reflected in our ethical guidelines, which protect our clients from unethical practices. If there is no connection between a client and a spiritual advisor Ask for Advisor’s advisors will redirect the client to another spiritual advisor that may be better suited to that person.

Ask for Advisors pay their spiritual advisors fairly. Monetarily our spiritual advisors and Ask for Advisors take turns hand in hand with certain costs to keep the spiritual advisor advising affordable for our clients.  All spiritual advisors have the same per minute rate unless we are holding a special or sale or that spiritual advisor individually is offering a special session.  The reason for the $3.99 per minute rate is so one spiritual advisor is not necessarily viewed as better than another in their value and what they have to offer.  We offer sales and specials to our clients to encourage them to try new spiritual advisors and we understand that you may need a little extra time to find the right fit.  Ask for Advisors is a community with you in the most fundamental sense.  

Ask for Advisor’s spiritual advisors have vast experience, certifications in their own right along with life experience, which cannot be taught by anyone. You carry it with you on the journey of life to help others as a collective.  As we progress we will be doing charitable work with many organizations according to the interests of both our spiritual advisors and our clients.  Ask for Advisors has created a custom accounting program for the benefit of our clients and spiritual advisors.  The clients can see and maintain their accounts at all times.  We offer free emailed recordings to the client of their spiritual advisor reading. Our clients can go over the material and begin moving forward with the spiritual advisor. Also, if something is unclear it can be addressed.  This is a free service that you will receive from your spiritual advisor and yes, it is free for you to keep. This also helps Ask for Advisors monitor quality; maintain integrity, ethics and moral boundaries.

All of our spiritual advisors will maintain integrity; however honesty works in many capacities. Our spiritual advisors tell you what they see and give you the tools to help you progress.  It is an even exchange with Ask for Advisors because we sincerely want to help our clients.  Our business premise is to work hand and hand and to grow with you and to be taken seriously. We are not a “1-800 spiritual advisor line” factory like some of our competitors, who have over 5000 employees.  Ask for Advisors is intimate and involved with our clients.  You are not just a number to us which is addressed in our ethical guidelines and signed by our company and our spiritual advisors.  We are revolutionizing our industry so it can be taken seriously and because we feel passionately about helping our clients.  We are integrating a business model for our spiritual advisors to treat them fairly and show how much we care about them as well.  We are here to serve our clients and enrich all of our lives.

We hope you have found this information helpful.

In order to prove to you that we are as we say. We offer all new members a Free 5 minute spiritual advisor Reading. This will allow you to try out our service Risk Free!
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