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Ethical Guidelines

Creed (code of conduct)

We hereby acknowledge our accountability and service to Ask for Advisors llc as well the clients of for which we provide our services and to society as a whole to improve knowledge and the practice of spiritual guidance and advice.

Each of us will personally maintain the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct in our relationships with Ask for Advisors llc and our clients.

We will not be afraid to say to clients “i know not”putting our own egos aside when it is applicable and spirit is not connecting.

We will remember that we are working with fellow human beings and treat them as such not numbers and money.

We will not prey on the economic status of others but yet create a balance with our free minutes.

We will remember that we are members of society and maintain the humility to help and service others .

We will maintain adviser/client confidentiality and privacy information on the line via phone, chat,email.and not disclose or discuss to a 3rd party.Nor interact in personal relationships. the community of Ask for Advisors llc are teachers, healers,chanellers and vessels for divine wisdom.we are giving and caring people who respect all races,religions and people without judgment.

We are a community devoted to spreading our love,light,peace and joy amongst our relations.

We are revolutionizing this to be taken seriously because we care about our clients , we are integrating a business model for us and our advisors because we genuinely care about them. As our clients are here for us to serve and make all of our lives enriched.This is our version of the hippocratic oath that was comprised by goddesses to share with you our advisers .

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In order to prove to you that we are as we say. We offer all new members a Free 5 minute spiritual advisor Reading. This will allow you to try out our service Risk Free!
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