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Spell for Winning in Court

To help with your success in the Courts, this candle spell should be worked on a Tuesday or Wednesday during the waxing moon (as the moon becomes fuller in the sky) for the best results.

First, choose the correct candle for the spell. Orange candles are good for legal spells and yellow has also been used with success for court spells. A taper candle or a glass candle can be used, any size as long as it has the color you want. For anointing your candles, the oils most associated with winning court battles are High John oil for justice and Dragons Blood oil for adding power to the spell. Herbs that can be used to enhance the spell include Marigold flowers (calendula) and Cinnamon sticks or cinnamon powder that will be used in this spell.

You also may want to get a piece of clear quartz, a tumbled piece will do fine. You will place that stone with your candle to energize it with the intention to win. You can carry that crystal with you into the courtroom as it will be filled with the energies of this spell.

Once you have all of your supplies together, you can begin.

If you have chosen a taper candle, you can anoint that with your oils by putting a few drops of oil in the palm of your hand and then draw the candle in a twisting motion from wick to bottom through the oil in your hand. Now draw the candle back through oil in your palm from bottom to the wick in again in a twisting motion. Now your taper candle is ready.

If you are using a glass candle, focus on your intention to win in court and put a few drops of your oil on the tip of your finger. Run the oil 3 times clockwise on the top of the glass candle around the wick with your finger. Now your candle is ready for the spell.

Place the candle on a plate ( your taper candle will need a candle holder that you will place on the plate)on your alter. Now place the marigold flowers around the candle and add the cinnamon sticks or powder. Place your crystal next to the candle as well.

As you light your candle speak this spell with conviction:

Victory in court is mine

For each and all to see

Judgment is in my favor now!

And as I speak, So mote it be!

Try to let the candle burn all the way down. If you have to put it out and relight it, be sure to speak the spell when you light it again. Once the candle has burned out you can carry the quartz crystal with you and have the vibration this spell in your pocket.

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