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Unlock your body mind and soul with DeviWild. Discover how to embody the unlimited divine power within to transform your life. DeviWild believes spirituality and healing are a personal journey and that everyone’s path is unique. Her connection to the divine allows her to channel messages from your guides and higher self to help support you on your journey in life. As a natural empath and energetic healer she began sensing and communicating with animals/nature and elemental energies before the tender age of 4. By that time she’d had multiple near death experiences that increased and intensified her psychic and natural healing abilities. It also sparked an insatiable spiritual questing and desire to understand how she simply ‘knew’ things she had never studied. Like how to get prime parking spots win cake walks get the highest score on exams get a hole in one on the first hole. Teaching others how to sense and connect with their own divine guidance has been a passion. Students often find their intuitive senses being activated and enhanced as a result. DeviWild offers a wide range of services including: energetic healings and channeling Archangels and wisdom from the higher realms. A spiritual mentor she offers intuitive guidance and channeled messages/healings utilizing a variety of tools skills and natural abilities. Clairvoyance Clairaudience and Clairsentience help her connect with divinely guided information. Reiki Tarot Zero-point Energy Healing Crystals Light Language Healings/Activations Sound Healing/Toning Energy Medicine Yoga Animal Communication/Mediumship Intuitive Development/Guidance
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