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Born an Intuitive Empath I have the ability to understand and feel peoples deeper hidden emotions and comfort those around me. My upbringing in a spiritual home has allowed me to nurture my gifts and strengthen my connection to the divine at an early age. At the age of 11 many of my abilities started to unveil. The magic of divination began when I was gifted my first deck of oracle cards by my mother. I would use my oracle deck to read my sisters future creating my own unique spreads. Back then I was unaware that I was actually tapping into my natural spiritual advisor abilities. Those readings gave me the opportunity to refine my spiritual advisor empathic abilities before I knew what I was capable of. I began receiving messages not only from the Divine but also from other planes of existence. At the same time my love for astrology began. Becoming obsessed with my zodiac sign I naturally dug deeper into the science of astrology giving me the understanding of the energies of the stars and their effect on our day to day lives. I realized that by combining my empathic abilities with my talent for channeling/healing and my love for the oracle I was able to aid others who were seeking and reaching for answers.

Along with a family lineage of energy healers I have been a Reiki Master for 6 years. With your permission I will tap into any blockages holding you from your true path with distance healing being one of my specialties. A student of homeopathy a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor and a health conscious enthusiast I can help cure acute cases and give you guidance for a healthier lifestyle.

I will use divination as a tool to bring in answers from your guides and the Divine Source along with astrology to better understand how the stars are aligned for you and your path. I am here to bring light to the answers you seek in all aspects of your life and lead you to your highest personal evolution.
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