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Oracle Decks

Working with oracle decks is fun as well as illuminating. These decks offer you the opportunity to see your personal world with a fresh perspective and new insight. They give you the chance to step back and see the forest and not just the bark of the nearest tree

Most of the decks I like use analogy and structure the information to compare the situation to the personality of creatures, angels, or mythologies. They show you the circumstances you want to explore in relation to something easily recognizable.

It's always fun to learn something new about animals or mythology or guides and angels while helping clarify how things are going in your personal world.

An Oracle is:

"That which acts as a medium for Divine advice or philosophy in response to questions. That vehicle through which Deity speaks"

Some of my favorite decks that I use often are Jamie Sams Medicine Cards and The Mythic Oracle. I first encountered Jami Sams Medicine Cards in the 1990's and I was immediately in love with the Native American lore and legends surrounding the selection of animals available on these cards. It is easy to work with and is based on the Native American's intimate knowledge of animals and nature. They give you a refreshing insight into the spiritual path and help show options to handling everyday life problems and frustrations. Jamie gives you a section in the book that comes with the cards to find your personal animal Totems for each of the 4 directions, above, below and within. Once discovered, the traits and stories of each animal guide or Totem give a kind of spiritual structure to work with that makes the reader more sensitive to the subtle energies around and within.

The beautifully done Mythic Oracle Deck uses the ancient Greek pantheon of gods and goddesses and the mythologies surrounding them to convey ideas and situations encountered in everyday life. It seems humans have basically not changed much emotionally since ancient times. All the stories and myths still apply today to the way we encounter emotional choices and issues. Such themes as Love, Jealousy, Anger, Fear, and Hope are still issues we all still deal with in our modern world. These ancient mythologies have survived, I think, because they are teaching tales about the results of human actions:

"If you act in this manner you will achieve these results"

So these tales warn the reader to try a different path or suffer the consequence of the action taken. And the original artwork is a feast for the eyes. Each card conveys the personality attributed to the deity depicted with subtle expressions and beautiful color.

Doreen Virtue has put out several very nicely done oracle decks. Doreen is most widely known for her Angel Cards and classes in how to use them effectively. Some of my favorites in her collection are The Ascended Master Cards that have many sainted and well known teachers of spiritual lore and are wonderfully painted and feel great to work with.

Whatever deck appeals to you will be the right one to choose, so dive right in and pick one you like the look of. I am sure you will find it not only inspirational but fun and enjoyable as well.

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