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Amethyst Crystals

Amethyst crystals have long been treasured for their beautiful purple colors and for the spiritual vibration that is attributed to them. Often used to protect and purify the environment, the crystals radiate a soothing energy of peace and tranquility where they are placed. Clusters of these crystals can encourage emotional healing and balance, and ease tension and nervousness.

Amethyst is known to assist in releasing addictions and depression. The ability of this crystal to neutralize negative energies makes it a sought after item by recovering addicts as it continually enhances their process of release and balance.

Used as an aid for meditation practices, amethyst can help keep the mind on a higher spiritual focus and make it easier to create connections with the divine. Keeping some amethyst in your meditation room will produce a pure sacred space that encourages calmness and clarity. The vibration of the crystal is similar to the vibration of the crown chakra and helps to open that chakra to the energies of the cosmos.

Some spiritual healers use amethyst crystals to clear the energies of other crystals. Massage tools made from clear quartz or other crystals benefit from being placed on or near amethyst as they will be purified and charged with positive energies to be reused for healing work again. The tumbled amethyst stones can also be used to promote healing when placed on the body to neutralize or clear and revitalize. They can help balance and restore the natural functions and create a positive vibration for body-mind healing.

Wearing amethyst as jewelry can keep the body's energy field free of negative vibrations and attachments. The crystal creates an energetic shield of spiritual light and divine energy around the wearer, and works to ward off heavy lower vibrations. It can free the mind from worry or doubt.

Given as a gift to one who is grieving the loss of a loved one, amethyst is soothing and uplifting. The balance, harmony, and divine connection flowing through these crystals are a wonderful help in lifting the spirit and easing depression and fears. So many uses for this stone, and such a delight to wear for its beauty and vibrancy!

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