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Online spiritual advisor, Michael
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spiritual advisor: Michael

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I have been in touch with my abilities since a very young age. I use clairvoyant clairsentient disciplines as well sensory cryptography of our living language. I have helped many people in great lengths as a conduit or channel on behalf of “Archangel Michael . Words like “wizard” or “techno mystic” or even “strange” could describe aspects of me but you would have to find out for yourself.
if you have questions or wish to get an opinion on your life’s path or even the journeys that may await you contact me as a representative of the “ace of cups group”.
it is my duty to serve you the best way I can. I have great patience to listen to your story.
As we come to the age of acknowledgement you will find paradigms are in fact are a “digm a dozen”. Allow me share with you words of advice and wisdom I have developed as you share with me the areas you have doubts or confusion. Through this sharing I can offer hybrids of disciplines that may be right for you . With our hearts as a compass let us navigate the great sea of misinformation together. You will see the more we speak the more will be revealed…
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