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My name is Joy. Im from Ft Lauderdale Fl. I live by my tag line Live an Extensionraordinary Life! I love diving skydiving and any other adventure.

Ive been intuitive since I was a child. What I love most about what I do is the joy and gratification it brings to those I work with. I especially love teaching and passing on the knowledge Ive acquired that gives others the tools to heal themselves and help those around them.

What makes me a good reader/coach is the many life experiences Ive had and strength Ive gained because I never quit never gave up on life and always had the burning desire to learn and teach. That has made me who I am today and has led me to complete many certifications in the fields of healing and coaching. My natural curiosity continues to be the driving force behind my eagerness to discover new modalities and ways to build the future I desire.

The obstacles of Insecurity and fear that become instilled in us at an early age in this life as well as karma we carry in into this from past lives as well as what weve acquired as we grow up in this life hold people back. They keep us from reaching our highest and best good and finding our soul/life purpose. Life is ever changing and change is the only thing that remains a constant in our lives. We must learn to navigate through it which is difficult for most human beings to do. However when we do this we learn that facing our fears was scarier than going through the healing process to resolve them.

For myself the lack of confidence belief and trust in my natural ability to heal and trust in divine guidance used to hold me back.

What makes me a good coach is that I offer Love patience support understanding compassion and the desire to assist others in their quest to heal themselves and live a joy filled life. Giving others the tools courage and fortitude needed to make positive changes in their lives as well as patience and non judgement needed to help them are the gifts I offer. It always brings me joy to know Ive been part of the process that brings healing to someones life.
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