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spiritual advisor: Anthony

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Anthony is a clairsentient spiritual advisor. He uses his sensory instincts (deep inner intuition) in concert with his astrological knowledge to help his clients achieve their fullest potential.

Anthony was born in Brooklyn New York and even as a young adolescent he started to recognize his unique “gifts” of offering sound advice to friends and family members. He still says his greatest passion is to utilize his spiritual advisor abilities to offer a humanistic approach to help guide others throughout life.

He moved to South Florida over 15 years ago and continues to further perfect and hone his skills to help counsel his clients. People still pursue Anthony from all over the country to act as their personal consultant to help them find the answers to relationship financial health and work issues.

Nowadays Anthony uses his humanistic approach as a clairsentient spiritual advisor and his vast knowledge of astrology to become his clients’ life coach. Luckily he is flexible and can be available with almost any schedule. Please contact him so you can begin your own personal life journey with improved clarity and the tools you need to reach your utmost fulfillment.
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