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There are many forms of Astrology and many ways of practicing it.
For myself I prefer traditional Western Astrology based on Psychology Natal Chart Sun Revolutions and Planet Transits. It is not better than another but it works better with my knowledge of Astrology which is quite substantial. I studied in Paris where I was born. I have a French degree in Astrology since 1991.

Astrology is an amazing tool but not so long ago my opinion on Astrology was brutal: It was nonsense.
Why would our destines have anything to do with the planets and the stars? In 1979 I read my first Astrology book .I wanted to know how people could have such outrageous ideas. And I kept on reading. Now some 35 years later I can say that Astrology makes a lot of sense even if I have no idea how or why it works.... I am proud to say I am an Astrologer.

How can you be sure that Astrology which has survive 5000 years of attacks by non believers is a not a ridiculous concept?
Valid question.
It took Astrologers a while to figure out what it meant when a certain planet seen from earth was in a certain position in the cosmos. Again and again it was observed than when the sky was telling a specific story it was translatable into specific human experiences behaviors events etc...When you study the sky for someones birth it gives you information about the person . The natal chart is your astrological ID .It is like data. You just need to know how to read it and it works...the data contains information about ourselves our characters our friends our loves our work our strengths and our weaknesses .
Some astrologers ( Western Vedic Chinese...) specialize in horary astrology or chart comparison or Karmic astrology or psychology based astrology.
Some believe in total determinism while others believe in free will.
Some are spiritual advisor as well as Astrologer and some know exactly how to calculate a natal chart without a computer while most do not. There are no rules .Astrology is not a boring place.

I have attended many seminars in Paris and Lyon hosted by La federation Francaise D Astrologie
( the French Astrology Federation) with predominant French and international Astrologers such as Andre Barbault Germaine Holley Catherine Aubier Elizabeth Tessier Martine Barbault Didier Geslain Jacques Halbronn Yves Lenoble.
Jacques Berthon( Andre Barbault s associate) was my mentor as well as Monique Kalinine.

Why planets influence our decisions and our actions is really a mystery but after so many years I promise you there is a reason why this is. There is a logic there somewhere .I have learned to read into a lot of it and I take great joy and pride in explaining it to the consultants that trust me with such a task. In advance I thank you .

Astrologers need the exact date of birth with the exact place and time of birth in order to calculate a natal chart. I will need these to built your natal chart.
ok? See you soon

I Received my masters in Astrology in 1991 at the E.S.A.P. Three levels test and a thesis were required. One level was traditional astrology the second was psychology and psycho analyst . Monsieur Jacques Berthon and Madame Monique Kalinine were the directors of the school.Jacques Berthon was the collaborator of Andre Barbault and created different French astrological publications .
I have attended many astrology seminars in France with some of the best known astrologers there .I do have professional software by Aureas..I have been a consultant in France for a couple of years .
I have belonged to the American Federation of Astrologers for many years as well as to the Federation Francaise D Astrologie .
Mostly I worked with psychology based AstrologyI
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