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Since I was a child Ive been attuned to the subtle energies that surround us. In particular I am able to sense people’s physical emotional and mental conditions and am able to guide them through whatever they may be experiencing in life. Sometimes answers are right in front of us but we do not see them because we do not have the outside perspective needed to guide us. As an empath I am able to offer a deeper understanding of your situation and help connect you to the advisor best suited to your needs
My empathic ability combined with my experience allows me to sense the energies and intentions of those who have passed on from this world be they person animal or spirit guide. My spiritual advisor connection with all living beings extends particularly to animals allowing me to scan and heal pets while giving insight to the symbology of animal totems.
After the birth of my child I realized I had the ability to alleviate physical and emotional pain by harnessing the universal life force. I have enhanced this by practicing distance Reiki on everything from hiccups to headaches.
Ten years ago I received training in Psychology specializing in Substance Abuse. Ive worked with people from all walks of life. It is my personal belief that we all traverse our own path and that my purpose on this earth is to help others along their own journey. I am well suited for this because of my own personal experiences with addiction and alcoholism. I do not come from a place of judgment and consider no topic to be taboo. I seek to help you shed light on your life so that you can move forward towards the life you deserve.
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